Direct Marketing Myths Exposed

I have dealt with hundreds of people that were frustrated, exhausted and ready to quit. This is the rule, and not the exception in our industry. Most of these feelings stem from people having been sold on myths of direct marketing. It’s an unfortunate truth that many in direct sales and direct marketing are not being realistic when talking to prospective partners. All too often, their focus is only on immediate success and the instant gratification of making a lot of money quickly. The focus is not on building a business that will produce wealth for many years to come. I want to go over a few things that many of you may have been told and reveal to you the truth behind these direct marketing myths.

Let’s start with what I consider to be a huge misconception, and one that I have seen and dealt with hundreds of times, and still deal with today. Often when people get into direct marketing, they are sold on the idea of becoming independently wealthy within a few months. I’m here to tell you that’s not the case. Yes it has happened, but the truth is that it doesn’t happen very often and the results are not repeatable. Those that have had these wild successes in such a short time are the exception, not the rule. The direct marketing concept is not to get rich quick but to build true wealth that will continue to grow over time. The notion of get rich quick is the trademark of an amateur in direct marketing. Any true professional will tell you that it takes very hard and consistent work to succeed in our industry. It can be done and has been done many times, but it takes talking to a lot of people to be successful.

There is another direct marketing concept that I consider to be absolutely crucial to your success. I’m talking about commitment. When I talk about commitment, what I’m referring to is what you are willing to do to succeed. In direct marketing, you have a genuine opportunity to achieve any goal you desire. To make that opportunity a reality takes commitment. You have to be willing to do whatever it takes, for as long as it takes. Commit to the fact that true success comes after two to three years, not months.

There is another concept that you must accept to be a success in the direct selling industry. You have to accept that while direct selling is a very rewarding career, and many people make millions every year, it is not easy. The myth that has been sold time and again is that success will just magically happen. It will come, but only to those who can properly execute their plan for success. To do this, you have to be tough. I’m referring to your mental toughness. Being mentally tough means you have to be ready to overcome adversity. All too often in direct marketing, people are led to believe that what lies ahead is easy, and there will be no hard times. There are people who will tell you that it won’t work, that you’re wasting your time, etc, etc. You have to be able to withstand this and keep your commitment. You’ll have to deal with the fact that 90 percent of the people you talk to will tell you “no”. If you don’t have that mental toughness, you’ll get dejected and quit. The same holds true if you think it will happen overnight.

There are a few points I hope you take away from this. First, don’t buy into the belief that your success will happen overnight. It will happen, but it takes commitment and time. Also, make sure that you are fully committed. Make an assessment of what your goals are and then commit to doing whatever it takes to make them a reality. Finally, don’t believe the myth that success will come easily. Success is a reward that comes only after consistent, sustained action. Belief in these myths has caused the downfall of more than one direct marketer.